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Meet Dr. Danielle Veenstra

Simple, Dynamic Healing

For Dr. Danielle, it’s easy to make a tangible difference helping people. All she needs is her hands and a table—your body will take care of the rest.

That’s how simple chiropractic care is, yet the results are powerful. Dr. Danielle is committed to helping you make basic changes that dramatically improve your health. She loves walking with patients through your whole health journey because she deeply cares about how you’re doing.

Rethinking the Basics of Health

Dr. Danielle grew up watching her dad give adjustments, but she didn’t know that she wanted to be a chiropractor too until taking a health class in high school. Her teacher led the class in asking hard questions about basic elements of the American lifestyle that most people consider healthy.

As she researched the food dyes and sugars in popular sports drinks, Dr. Danielle was inspired to find healthier options. She began to see chiropractic as more than just adjustments; it’s an entire lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and ergonomics. Eager to help patients build holistic, healthy lifestyles, Dr. Danielle was ready to jump into the family business.

The Chiropractic Lifestyle in Action

Dr. Danielle grew up in a close-knit Christian family in Minnesota. She and her four brothers were active from day one, spending summers boating and fishing on the lake and winters outside skiing and snowmobiling. They kept their parents busy with constant soccer games, but it was worth it. They were building regular habits of exercise and wellness that would last a lifetime.

Now her dad has retired, but the chiropractic legacy lives on in Dr. Danielle and two of her brothers. She and her husband love spending time with family and friends at bonfires and board game nights. They travel a little here and there, but you can mostly find them at her parents’ cabin or out on the lake.

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If you’re ready for a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Danielle would love to help you get there. Schedule today.

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