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Pediatric Chiropractic at New Life Chiropractic

renewchiro-previews-3A healthy lifestyle begins in infancy. Injuries and falls can cause long-term subluxations if they’re not corrected right away. At New Life Chiropractic, we care for babies, children, and teens to catch misalignments early, setting them up for a lifetime of health.

Safe and Gentle Care for Kids

Our goal for kids and adults is the same: finding and relieving nerve interference by adjusting the spine. We simply provide gentler adjustments for babies and kids.

For babies, we do light adjustments with our fingers, using the same amount of pressure you would use to check the ripeness of a peach. We might use sustained light pressure, vibration, or the Activator Method® or Integrator™ on the lowest setting.

We’ll introduce gentle manual adjustments for toddlers, gradually increasing pressure as kids grow.

Helping Babies and Children Develop

The birth process is often hard on babies’ bodies. We check babies’ necks for tightness and tilting on one side or misalignments that can affect breastfeeding. Infant care can also help with colic and earaches.

Healthy development doesn’t end with infancy. As kids tumble their way through bumps, falls, and sickness, making sure the nerves work properly helps children heal quickly and stay well.


Turning Anxiety Into Smiles

We’re good at playfully distracting kids to help them relax. For children feeling extra nervous, we may use instrument-assisted adjustments or have you hold or lie down with your child. Sometimes kids watch their parents receive care first so they can see that it’s safe. The earlier children begin care, the easier it can be for them to feel comfortable.

Preparing for Your Child’s Appointment

Before your child’s visit, we’ll send you a short intake form to fill out. Your child will move around a little too much for skirts or dresses, but any other outfit should be fine.

Plan on being here for about 45 minutes for the first appointment.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment Today

Even if your kids run around like crazy, they make our day every time we see them. Schedule an appointment today, and let us give them a head start to health.

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